Philips projektor i latarka 2w1 kraina lodu

chwilowy brak towaru

  • Producent: Philips
  • Kategoria: Pozostałe zabawki

Product Description Philips Disney - Switch on Imagination This Philips and Disney projector and flash light will amaze your child with magical story telling. Turn the film wheels to project colourful and fun film scenes onto the wall or use as torch to guide during a venture in the dark.

Philips For kids This Philips and Disney light for your child's bedroom creates an environment which encourages children to indulge in what they enjoy most - fun and creativity. A place where your child can study, play and sleep accompanied by their favourite Disney character.

This light is designed to be safe for your child. Philips Accompanies your child at night This Philips and Disney portable light safely guides your child during nightly walks to the bathroom or the parent's bedroom.

Designed for kids, this torch light fits into your child's hand and makes it easy to carry it around anywhere. Philips Creates a magical ambiance This Philips and Disney portable light for your child's bedroom combines a night light with a magical image projector.

The night light makes your child feel safe at night, while the projector brings your child's favourite Disney characters to life on the wall or ceiling. This 2-in-1 light brings bedtime routines and story telling to a higher level.

With the two-way switch integrated on the lamp, you can easily switch between the night light and the magical image projector. Philips High quality LED light The LED technology, integrated into this light, is a solution developed aby Philips.

While instantly turned on, it enables an optimal light output and brings out vivid colours in your child's room. Philips Warm white light Light can have different colour temperatures, indicated in units called Kelvin (K).

Lights with a low Kelvin value produce a warmer, cosier light, while those with a higher Kelvin value produce a cool, more energising light. This light offers warm white light for a cosy atmosphere.

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